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CamLid™ Kid Lids
  • Disposable lids fit tightly on Newport and Laguna® tumblers, avoiding spills.
  • Provides a “green” solution for chains to reduce the waste of using disposable cups for kids’ drinks.
  • Tumblers are available in clear, which allows for visibility of contents.
  • Maximize space by connecting two Food Bars with the Corner Connector.
  • Sneeze guards are compliant with 2011 NSF requirements.
  • Easily fits through a standard 36" (91,5 cm) doorway with the sneeze guards and side rails knocked down.
  • There are countless configurations for any situation.
  • This fully portable system keeps food cold for hours with the Buffet Camchillers®.
  • Visit the Versa Bar New Product Page to see the Versa Food Service System Micro-Site which allows user to Build-A-Bar allowing you to virtually assemble any Versa System configuration and instantly change the colors and get 360° Views of the main Versa System components.
Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle
The new Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle offers quick service restaurant operators a cooking solution that delivers energy efficiency and a 27.5% increase in production capacity over griddles manufactured with standard steel griddle plates.
The Vulcan RRG’s proprietary composite griddle plate offers the fastest heat transfer characteristics and uniform temperature control which means greater productivity in the kitchen, better food quality and the ability to always meet the needs of your most demanding customers.
The stainless griddle surface is easy to clean and maintain as it doesn’t require special tools or cleaners, eliminating the labor required to properly “season” a standard steel griddle surface.
The Vulcan RRG exceed the energy efficiency requirements mandated by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) purchase guidelines.
Vulcan Fryers With Kleenscreen Plus Oil
100 - 300% longer oil life. Vulcan GR gas series fryers set the standard for productivity, ease of use and time saving convenience. The Kleenscreen Plus Filtration system saves and extends oil life.
VACB Charbroiler
The VACB series of high performance charbroilers deliver the most uniform heat distribution pattern of any charbroiler on the market. The unique construction of this charbroiler delivers the greatest available cooking area in the 550F-700F “sweet spot” for your restaurant. Improve your bottom line by increasing cooking throughput, unit performance and reducing the costs of operation and food waste. The VACB design is perfect for mounting on a refrigerated base because the units’ heat deflector plates create a cool zone below the burner box. This focuses all the burner heat into the cooking process and keeping punishing heat away from your refrigeration.
Victorinox Bamix
The Bamix is sort of a Swiss Army knife for the kitchen. Because of it’s interchangeable blades, the Bamix can fill the need for a food processor, grinder, whisk and blender.
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